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Stacie P. Thompson

Stacie Thompson, a Published Author of "The Words That Heal: Encouragement For The Soul," is an Empowerment Speaker, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Parent Coach, and Mentor. With over 25 years of success in her field, Stacie is an expert in empowering individuals to embrace their purpose and turn their dreams into reality. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Tri County Technical College, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Southern Wesleyan University and a Masters of Science in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University.

Stacie's journey serves as a testament to the power of strength, endurance, and direction in achieving success. As a successful professional, she leads by example, demonstrating that the decisions we make today have a profound impact on our tomorrow. With her insightful guidance and unwavering dedication, Stacie inspires others to unlock their potential and discover the path to personal fulfillment.

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