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Keynote Speaker

Connect with Stacie for Women's Empowerment, Single Parent, Youth, and Corporate/Professional Development speaking engagements, as well as Personal Development Workshops.


Empowerment Speaker

Empowerment speaker Stacie captivates her audience with her dynamic and energetic presence, inspiring them to reach new heights. With a unique blend of passion and expertise, Stacie goes beyond traditional motivational talks, guiding her listeners on a transformative journey toward personal and professional empowerment. Through engaging storytelling and practical insights, she empowers individuals to break through limitations, seize opportunities, and unleash their full potential. Stacie's refreshing approach leaves a lasting impact, igniting a spark of motivation and possibility in every attendee, long after the event has ended.

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Girlfriend Sessions

Embark on a transformative journey with Stacie through her empowering coaching sessions, affectionately known as "Girlfriend Talks." Designed to foster a supportive and nurturing environment, these sessions provide a safe space for women to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth alongside their closest friends. With Stacie's guidance, participants delve deep into introspection, uncovering their strengths, passions, and goals. Together, they develop actionable plans to overcome obstacles and unleash their true potential. Whether it's navigating career transitions, overcoming personal challenges, or pursuing dreams, "Girlfriend Talks" empower women to embrace their authenticity and live their best lives, surrounded by a community of encouragement and support.

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Stacie's workshops are renowned for their impactful and diverse content, catering to a wide range of audiences. From youth conferences to facilitated workshops, Stacie's engaging sessions leave participants feeling inspired and empowered. Covering topics such as "The Power of Words," "Repurposing Pain," "Discovering Your Purpose," "Building Confidence," and "The Single Parent's Role," Stacie provides valuable insights and practical tools for personal and professional growth. Whether she's empowering young minds at youth conferences or leading diverse workshops, Stacie's dynamic approach fosters an inclusive environment where individuals can explore their potential, overcome challenges, and embark on a path towards fulfillment and success.

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